Non-Stop Flight from Istanbul to Mexico City and Cancún May Bring Close to 40 Thousand Tourists

Miguel Torruco Marqués, secretario de Turismo de México, anuncia que Turkish Airlines ofrecerá vuelo directo de Estambul, Turquía, a la Ciudad de México y Cancún

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, recently stated that the new non-stop flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Mexico City and Cancun has the potential to generate an economic income of 36.7 million dollars a year, as well a flow of 39 thousand 780 passengers.

The government official stated ththis during the official unveiling of this new Turkish Airlines initiative at the Embassy of Turkey in Mexico. Tahsin Timur Söylemez, Ambassador to Turkey, attended the event together with accredited representatives of the country’s diplomatic corps.

The New Route

Turkish Airlines is set to provide these flights to and from Turkey. The airline will launch operations in Mexico on August 21. There will be around 156 flights per year with 300 seats available on each.

Furthermore, Torruco stressed that this new route will boost and promote the arrival of big-spending tourists from Turkey. In 2018, Turkish tourists traveling to Mexico by air totaled 12 thousand 582 visitors. “This opens up the possibility of attracting visitors from other latitudes, such as those from India,” said the Mexican Tourism Secretary.

About Turkish Airlines

In addition to Mexico, Turkish Airlines travels to several other Latin American cities such as Havana, Cuba; Panama City, Panama; Buenos Aires, Argentina; São Paulo, Brazil; Bogota Colombia; Willemstad, Curaçao; and Caracas, Venezuela.

You can find more information about the destinations that this airline travels on its official website.