Discover the 10 Safest Airlines in the World for 2019

Finnair, Finlandia

How safe is your flight? You can feel at ease if you travel on Finnair or another airline within the annual list of the 100 Safest Airlines in the World. The Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center (JACDEC), headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is responsible each year for preparing its Airline Safety Ranking list and publishing it in AERO International magazine.

Finland’s Finnair took first place on the 2019 list and dethroned Emirates, 2018’s winner, which descends to the fourth spot. Cathay Pacific, named the safest airline in 2017 and 2016, did not even break the Top 10.

About JACDEC and the Listing

JACDEC bases its ranking on the results that each airline obtains in the JACDEC Security Risk Index. The list of safest airlines of the past two years is very different from previous years because in 2017 the Center made the most revisions to the Index in its 13 year history. The list was increased from 60 airlines to 100, for instance, and the calculation parameters were expanded from nine to 33 influential factors.

Is your favorite airline not among the Top 10, or not even in the list? No need to worry, according to AERO International. “Twenty-five years ago, when air traffic was less than half the volume of today, the death toll was twice as high. Statistically, flying has become safer four times.”

The Top 10 Safest Airlines in the World

  1. Finnair (Finland)
  2. Scoot Tigerair (Singapour)
  3. Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway)
  4. Emirates (United Arab Emirates)
  5. Air Europa (Spain)
  6. Transavia (Netherlands)
  7. Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)
  8. Virgin Atlantic AW (United Kingdom)
  9. KLM (Netherlands)
  10. Jetstar Airways (Australia)