Parque de la Costa: Water, Zombies, Adrenaline and Fun

Los personajes originales del Parque de la Costa

Are you in Argentina and looking for an alternative to the famous amusement parks of Orlando, Florida? Then you must go to Parque de la Costa, located in the city of Tigre, province of Buenos Aires. On the banks of the Paraná Delta, between the confluences of the Tigre and Luján rivers, this amusement complex has offered fun for the whole family since 1997 and returns this season with more surprises.

Posters for the new Zombie attractions at Parque de la Costa

Among the new attractions available are two focused on the popular world of the undead. One, ZombieLand, is a creepy journey through a labyrinth full of creatures hungry for your brain. The other, Zombie Invasion, is a live action show full of stunts and pyrotechnics. Held at the park’s Amphitheater, it places you in the midst of a group of surviving heroes trying to defend themselves from a massive attack of resurrected corpses. ZombieLand and Zombie Invasion join other fun terror options in the park such as The Mansion of Terror and The Curse of Anubis.

If you are looking for something less morbid, enjoy Carnival season with the colorful costumes and infectious rhythms of Gualeguaychú’s Comparsa Ara Yevi. This prestigious group of 50 dancers and musicians, sponsored by the Tiro Federal Gualeguaychú society, will perform every Friday and Saturday night until February 28 at the park’s Main Stage.

Aquafan, part of the Parque de la Costa complex

Those who have attended Parque de la Costa before, especially children, will fondly remember the Dancing Water Fountain, a pathway where children and adults could interact with oscillating streams of playful liquid. That attraction is gone now, but gave birth to a new sibling for Parque de la Costa called Aquafan. It has all the attractions expected in a water park such as a wave pool, aqua gym, Jacuzzi areas and slides of all sizes, with names like Black Hole, The Abyss, Río Bravo and Turbolance to give you goosebumps while you wait to climb.

Parque de la Costa Classics

Parque de la Costa’s latest offerings are great, but traditionalists should not fear, because the rest of the classic attractions are also better than ever. Test your skills with all the games of the Walk of Luck; reach the summit of the Aconcagua climbing wall; compete with your friends on the Monza Karting track, the Boats on the Nile or the Bumper Cars; reach the sky on the Flying Chairs, the Pirate Ship or Round the World; finally, live your fairy tale fantasies with The Octopus, the Carousel, the Flying Orcas, the Dancing Cups or attending the live shows with Peter Pan, Cinderella or Parque de la Costa’s original characters.

El Desafío (The Challenge) rollercoaster at Parque de la Costa

Let’s not forget the roller coasters; there’s one for every age, taste and tolerance. You have Delta Falls for families and those who want to freshen their afternoon (translation: YOU WILL GET WET!). Followed by The Lookout, a mining train similar to Disney’s Thunder Mountain Railroad. Those with stronger stomachs have options like The Whirlwind, which rotates as it advances; The Challenge, which attempts to break the law of gravity while your legs dangle in the air; and Boomerang, the name of which is a clue to what it does.

Other adrenaline-filled options include Exorbitados, Samba, Pendulum and the free flight of Vertigo Xtreme. And that is just the beginning. Walk of the Dinosaurs, Crazy Bus, the boat ride through the Delta, the hall of mirrors, the children’s play area… In short, Parque de la Costa has plenty to offer.

A fan video about Tigre and Parque de la Costa.
(Source: YouTube / Nuevos Hermanos.

The facilities around Parque de la Costa contain even more interesting alternatives for its visitors. Adjacent to the complex is Tigre Center, a free-admission entertainment center with options such as a videogame arcade, pool tables, bowling lanes and laser tag. It also includes multiple meal options in its food court, with a capacity for 400 people. An excellent place to celebrate birthday parties and other events.

Tigre Center and Chinatown Tigre, part of the Parque de la Costa complex

The construction of Tiger Center also houses Chinatown Tigre. Developed with the support of both the Chinese-Argentine Cultural Association and the Chinatown Association of Buenos Aires, this newly opened center houses more than 70 commercial and gastronomic venues, all focused on Asian culture: sake flavored with dulce de leche; Chinese decorative elements; anime-based toys; Asian products; live singing, dancing and martial art exhibitions; sushi restaurants, chinese and thai food, etc.

Adults also have their own place there as well. The Niní Marshall Theater is the premiere cultural space of the municipality of Tigre. Located next to the Parque de la Costa, this renowned, versatile venue is suitable for dramatic, comedic or musical presentations, as well as seminars, product launches and all kinds of corporate events. (Also, there’s a nearby casino!)

All this and more make the Parque de la Costa a must-see destination within everyone’s reach. If you are ready to experience it for the first time, or if you haven’t come by in a while, this is the best time to visit and enjoy all it has to offer.

Now, Some Tips


There are multiple ways to get to Tigre and Parque de la Costa, the main options being the Tren de la Costa, the Miter Railway Line—which departs from the Retiro Station in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires—or the various buses that travel there such as Lines 21, 60, 720 and 721.

The Best Time

The Argentine summer (December-March) is the preferred time to visit the park, especially for children. Therefore, it will be full of crowds. The earlier you arrive, the more you can take advantage of all the attractions.

You can fully enjoy the park if you plan to go with your friends on any day that is not a weekend or holiday. (The park is closed on Mondays.) Although it is colder, going on a Friday in spring means that the children are still in school, so the wait between attractions will be shorter.

Your Ideal Passport

Admission to both Aquafan and the Parque de la Costa is through Passports. There are four types—Promo, Plus, Gold and Premium—which allow greater access to the park’s facilities. If you are a parent, small child or just a companion, you can choose the Promo, the most economical option. Gold and Premium, on the other hand, will give you access to the most exciting attractions, although not necessarily all the live shows, which are booked separately.

Passports to Parque de la Costa do not give you access to Aquafan or vice versa. However, it is less expensive to buy passports to both as a combo. Better yet, the complex offers passports in Plus versions, which allow you to return as many times as you want during the season you acquire them.

Where to Find It

Vivanco 1509 (B1648AAB), Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 4002-6000