Tel Aviv’s 10-Year Master Plan to Increase Tourism

Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

The mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ron Huldai, presented “Tel Aviv-Jaffa 2030”, a master plan that seeks to increase tourism in the next decade and position this municipality of Israel as one of the most popular urban destinations in the world. In order to achieve these goals, new attractions will be developed, the amount of information available about Tel Aviv in other languages ​​will be increased, while the city’s infrastructure, communications and accommodation of this will be further developed.

“In recent years, our city has enjoyed an extraordinary tourist boom,” Huldai explained in this regard. “From a small town with very few visitors, Tel Aviv-Jaffa has become a place that many people want to enjoy and experience.”

The official also reported that last year Tel Aviv received 2,200,000 tourists, who brought in 1,600 million dollars in revenue. ” The master plan is designed to preserve the tourism boom, to manage it wisely, and to plan it for the future,” he said.

“Tel Aviv-Jaffa 2030” Challenges

On the challenges facing this long-term plan, Huldai explained that they have to do with the cost of living, public transportation and the image of Israel as an insecure country.

Finally, the mayor said that their first tactic will be to strengthen the city’s brand as a favorable place to hold international conferences, as well as expand services for new audiences and markets.