Grupo Jade Bets on Japan with Tamashi, Their New Restaurant

Maguro Tamashi Bowl con trocitos de atún sellada, Tamashi Sushi & More, Santo Domingo
Kazan Tempura Roll, Tamashi Sushi & More, Santo Domingo
Kazan Tempura Roll. (Source: Tamashi Sushi & More.)

Grupo Jade, known in the Dominican Republic for their chain of Chinese restaurants, makes a new bet in the local culinary market with Tamashi Sushi & More. This franchise specializes in sushi, Japanese, Hawaiian and international food. With locations in Santo Domingo’s Galería 360 and Sambil shopping malls, Tamashi offers variety in the local offer of Asian cuisine, based on a innovative, avant-garde proposal of healthy, creative and tasty dishes.

Tamashi’s meals are noteworthy, both for their rich flavor and the freshness of their ingredients. Diners can sample a variety of delicious options within the cozy and fresh environments of their locations, designed to provide a pleasant experience.

Tamashi: Sushi, Bowls and Much More

Sushi Bowl, Tamashi Sushi & More, Santo Domingo
Sushi Bowl. (Source: Tamashi Sushi & More.)

The main attraction of this fast food restaurant are their Sushi Bowls. Customers can choose and combine their favorite ingredients to design a sushi bowl tailored to their taste. Also, Tamashi pleases those looking for healthy and light food with options such as fresh salmon, tuna or Tofu for vegetarians.

“We have created Tamashi’s menu of based on Japanese cuisine, with North American influences and our Caribbean touch. That makes it an adventure for your taste buds and an escape from everyday life at the same time, which stimulates the senses in an integral way,” said Charlie García, CEO of Grupo Jade.

Ebi. combinación de camarones, vegetales y tocineta, Tamashi Sushi & More, Santo Domingo
Ebi with shrimp, bacon and vegetables. (Source: Tamashi Sushi & More.)

The Tamashi franchise is made for these modern times and its more demanding consumers. Its goal is to bring its customers as close as possible to happiness, with good food enjoyed within an environment that’s full of harmony.

For more information, follow Tamashi Sushi & More on its official Facebook and Instagram pages.