Experience ‘Stranger Things’ Live from Your Car

'Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience' | Arte promocional | Promo Art (Foto/Source: Netflix)

UPDATE 2020-11-05: By popular demand, Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience has been extended beyond Halloween 2020. Show dates from February 2021 onward are now available on their official website.

Between the pandemic, social isolation measures, and many other unpredictable occurrences, we would hardly be surprised to discover 2020 transported everyone to the Upside Down in Stranger Things. Fortunately, you’ll soon get the chance to drive away from this world and into the popular Netflix series with Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience. Just in time for Halloween!

Arte promocional del centro comercial Starcourt de 'Stranger Things' | Starcourt Mall promo art for 'Stranger Things' (Foto/Source: Netflix)
Starcourt Mall will be part of this immersive experience.
(Source: Netflix.)

The live attraction, scheduled for fall 2020, will let visitors drive through various spots within the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Unlike a guided tour of filming locations, this experience will be more like a theme park ride or show. It will include audiovisual effects and real actors inside places straight from the series such as Starcourt Mall, the secret Russian lab and, of course, the Upside Down.

Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience

When we say “drive” we mean it. For about an hour, Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience transports groups of up to 24 vehicles to Hawkins circa 1985. There they will uncover the untold history of the town, from the point of view of its residents and creatures. For this project, Netflix partnered with British company Secret Cinema, a pioneer in this type of large-scale immersive theatrical production.

Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience combines the nostalgia evoked by the show with the drive-in movie theater phenomenon. These establishments were popular during the Eighties, the decade depicted in the show. Now they are making a comeback due to preventive health measures against coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19.

Netflix, Secret Cinema and event site Fever were inspired by this trend. Together, they’ve created a safe, exciting experience you can look forward to this fall.

About the Show

Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s biggest hits, follows a group of teenagers, among them a girl with mental powers, who share paranormal experiences with the population of Hawkins. Its producers recently affirmed that the upcoming season will not be the last in the saga of Mike, Eleven, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Joyce, Hopper and the rest.

This experience promises to satisfy our obsession with the show until the season four premiere, which halted production due to COVID-19. At least it’ll give everybody a less scary excuse to leave the house and have some fun.

Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience opens its doors this October on a secret location in Los Angeles, California, United States. Tickets will be available starting August 26, with a minimum price of 59 dollars per vehicle. Find more information on the event’s official website.

'Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience' Logo
Promotional art for the event. (Source: Netflix.)