Rally Mobil World Championship to Be Held in the Biobío Region

El campeonato mundial Rally Mobil 2019 se celebrará este mayo en el Biobío, Chile

The tourism authorities of the Republic of Chile consider the celebration of the 2019 Rally Mobil World Championship as a great opportunity for tourism in Biobío. They believe this free sporting event, scheduled for May 9-12, will attract close to 100 thousand visitors to that region and especially to Concepción, Biobío’s capital.

The 2019 Rally Mobil circuit includes the districts of Concepción, San Pedro de la Paz, Santa Juana, Arauco and Curanilahue. For this reason, Biobío authorities consider this international sporting event as an excellent opportunity to show the country’s cultural, tourism and heritage attractions.

Mónica Zalaquett, Chile’s undersecretary of Tourism, declared: “Sports are becoming more and more consolidated as a tourist attraction pole, one that attracts a growing interest worldwide. In fact, back in in 2013 the World Tourism Organization said that one third of the global tourism industry was due to sports tourism, with an average growth of 14 percent, much higher than the growth rate of tourism in general. These figures show that sporting events should also be considered as tourism products, capable of mobilizing thousands of people, who if they get an attractive offer, are open to enjoy the attractions of the host cities.”

Región de Biobío, Chile, donde será celebrado el campeonato mundial Rally Mobil 2019 este mayo
Biobío region, Chile, host of the Rally Mobil 2019. (Source: External.)

More on Biobío

The Biobío Region has a hotel capacity of more than 11 thousand beds. Of these, more than five thousand are in the province of Concepción and more than three thousand in the municipality of Concepción. They also have accommodations 45 minutes from that capital. In addition, for those who can not attend, the event will offer online coverage through different platforms.

Special programs for Rally Mobil attendees will be offered during the event. Find more information on the Rally Mobil on its official website.