Park Row: Get Ready for a Gourmet Dinner in Batman’s Gotham City

El Iceberg Lounge de Park Row, restaurante inspirado en la Ciudad Gótica de los cómics de Batman (Foto: Wonderland Restaurants) | Iceberg Lounge at Park Row, a restaurant inspired by Gotham City from the Batman comics (Source: Wonderland Restaurants)

Although Gotham City, the crime-ridden urban center patrolled by Batman, doesn’t exist in the real world, soon you will get the chance to reserve a table at one of its restaurants. British firm Wonderland Restaurants, in collaboration with DC Entertainment, announced Park Row, an immersive restaurant inspired by Batman comics that will open its doors in London, England.

Wonderland, the studio behind this interactive culinary project, comprises a group of individuals with vast combined experience in the food and entertainment industries. Its members include professional magicians, engineers, former Disney creatives and former employees of The Fat Duck Group, a gourmet restaurant design firm intent on telling a story with each dish and cocktail in their meals.

This week has certainly been great for Batman fans, both because of the official announcement of Park Row, as well as the reveal of the first camera test for The Batman. Matt Reeves, director of the upcoming movie based on the bat-dressed vigilante, shared on Twitter a red-filtered video showing actor Robert Pattinson dressed as Batman.

About Batman and Park Row Restaurant

A few details about Park Row have been released, including its location: a 18,000-square-feet (1672-square-meter) basement at 77 Brewer Street, London, United Kingdom. The establishment will include five restaurants and three bars inspired by both the Batman universe and its inhabitants. Ab Rogers Design (ARD) was commissioned to design the interiors, which will house up to 330 people at a time.

Little else is known about Park Row. However, several hints have been revealed to the media and shared on their official Facebook and Instagram accounts starting late last year. The clues have proven to be quite exciting for fans of the masked superhero and his batfamily.

The name “Park Row” refers to an area formerly frecuented by members of Gotham City’s affluent upper class. That is, until it fell on hard times due to rising crime rates. Here you can find Crime Alley, the walkway where young Bruce Wayne saw his parents shot dead by a desperate thug.

Park Row’s first official image, revealed in parts on Instagram, shows a version of the Iceberg Lounge, a restaurant owned by Oswald Cobblepot, better known in the comics as the Penguin. Likewise, Forbes indicates that the entrance to the venue will simulate a descent toward the Batcave, Batman’s secret underground base.

Meanwhile, Hospitality and Catering News assures that other spaces within Park Row will include Pennyworth’s, a shared-dish restaurant based on Alfred the Butler; Old Gotham City, a Prohibition Era speakeasy; a Harley Quinn-inspired omakaze room; and the Monarch Theater, the cinema where the Waynes enjoyed their final family outing. The latter, the most ambitious of all the areas, will offer an audiovisual experience based on exploring the psychology of heroism through food.

What to Expect

What does this all mean? Will play guessing games between drinks with the Riddler? Beat the Joker at poker? Have lunch with young Bruce Wayne before his life changes forever? Your guess is as good as ours. However, given the caliber of the people involved, plus the support of the company behind the Batman intellectual property, we predict it to be an incredible interactive experience. (One of many more, like Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, that we will enjoy in the course of 2020).

The average price per person at Park Row restaurants is estimated at 45 pound (59 dollars) at each area except Monarch, which will cost around 120 pound (157 dollars). Park Row opens this summer and the launch date will be revealed on their official website.