Au Revoir! A Tribute to Notre-Dame Cathedral

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, France

The iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, better known as Notre-Dame Cathedral, was injured, but still stands. A massive fire started in its attic and proceeded to consume the roof, the spire and parts of its oak-built interior. This tragedy captivated religious people, historians, art lovers, as well as every inhabitant of the City of Lights.

Fortunately, its main towers remain intact. Also, many of the works of art and historical relics within the Cathedral were salvaged. Emmanuel Macron, president of France, reassured his people that the Cathedral will be rebuilt, calling it “the epicenter of our life.”

Notre-Dame Tribute

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, France

We had the honor of visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral and we wish to share the following gallery, as a tribute to this monument and its more than 800 years of history.

It, or rather she, witnessed the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, inspired a novel by Victor Hugo, survived the French Revolution, looting, neglect and two World Wars.

Today, we remember her as she was and look forward to her return to the public light. Notre-Dame was consumed by the flames, but like the Phoenix, she will rise from the ashes, as gleaming as ever.

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Enjoy photos of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s interior as it was, on its official website