Madero Tango: Lights, Sounds, Magic and Passion

Baile frente al Obelisco de "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

Tango may be Argentina’s biggest contribution to the world. Born in the city of Buenos Aires from a mixture of immigrant cultures along the river, Tango ignites the imagination of every tourist, both as a dance style and as a music genre, with its sensuality and elegance. Buenos Aires is full of places where to sit down to appreciate the beauty of tango. Now, those looking for a dazzling and exciting tango experience accompanied by an exquisite dinner, simply must visit Madero Tango.

Baile en pareja dentro de la textilería en "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

This tango dinner show opened in 2004 thanks to the efforts of its founder, Cristian Caram. Madero Tango is located in the heart of Puerto Madero, the city’s old port, now turned into Buenos Aires’ most recent and exclusive neighborhood. At the same time, Madero Tango is adjacent to La Boca, the cradle of tango, a working-class neighborhood on the banks of the Riachuelo. All these historical, cultural and culinary influences converge here.

The Venue

Una de las entradas a Madero Tango

The Madero Tango location contains a main hall with an approximate 500-people capacity, in which houses the stage. This section has the largest built indoor LED screen in the country, which projects background scenery for every musical number in the show.

Vista nocturna de Puerto Madero desde las mesas de los sectores Platea y Ejecutiva en Madero Tango

There are also two additional spaces available to rent for social and corporate events. The Veinte Sesenta (Twenty Sixty) room accommodates 50 people and highlights the bricks and columns that reveal the past of the location in the old port of the city. The Dique Uno (Dock One) room accommodates a minimum of 100 people and is ideal for medium-sized events. Dique Uno and the main hall can be combined to create a large space for large-scale events. All the rooms have stunning views of the river, especially at sunset.

Dinner Show Packages

Decoración temática dentro del salón de Madero Tango

Buenos Aires has a great culinary diversity and Puerto Madero is one of its most important gastronomic poles. Madero Tango knows it competes against the most innovative restaurants in the city. For this reason, its organizers have offer refined options from international cuisine since the beginning, including native Argentine dishes and world-famous ones, but with a regional touch. Their original menu, for example, was designed by renowned local chef Martiniano Molina.

Recuerda tu noche en Madero Tango con una foto junto a los bailarines del espectáculo

The restaurant offers four dinner packages with different menus. Your package of choice determines where you will be sitting for the show. The shared tables at the Stalls area are farther from the stage, but offer the best view of the river. Their Executive section is next to Stalls, yet closer to the action. The shared tables at the VIP area surround the stage. Those who purchase the Premium Dinner Show get to seat in front of the stage. (There is an additional option for those who just come to see the live show.)

La orquesta en vivo de Madero Tango

All packages include an open bar with free local drinks, soda, beers and wine, which includes sparkling wine. Apart from having the best seats in the house, VIP and Premium packages also include a beginner tango class taught by the show’s dancers themselves. These instructors break down the eight basic steps for dancing tango and give their students an official certificate of participation at the end of the class.

Madero Tango Shows

Baile en Caminito de "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

Five talented dance couples, a friendly host, two singers, a live orchestra, costumes, choreography, lights, sound and LED images. Everything comes together to create a spectacle comparable to classic Parisian cabaret show like the Lido. The shows at Madero Tango are daring and irreverent, but never erotic of full of nudity. The sensuality of tango is enough. Kids are more than welcome.

Número de canto en la textilería de "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

The shows usually run for two or three years. Past Madero Tango shows include Volver and Bien Argentino, both starring tango singer Raúl Lavié. Magic!, the current show, has been on the marquee far longer due to very positive feedback and public demand. As Mario Gasparotto, commercial manager of the establishment, puts it: “When teams play well, you don’t tinker.”

Baile en el muelle de "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

Directed and choreographed by married couple Paola Jean Jean and Nicolás Cobos, Magic! combines all that’s modern from Puerto Madero with the everything historic about La Boca. It tells the story of tango itself, from the point of view of four immigrant friends through two different eras. An ever present host takes the audience through the places where tango grew and refined itself – the factories next to the pier, the bars and brothels of San Telmo, the tenement houses of Caminito, and even the presidential Casa Rosada.

The Legacy of Madero Tango

Baile de tango electrónico en la ciudad de "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

Outside of its color palette, its musical influences (Troilo, Piazzolla, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Police, electronica), its gourmet menu and impeccable service, what makes Madero Tango a must-see show? The fact that everyone involved is passionate about tango and knows its importance abroad as a cultural icon of Argentina. It may not be the oldest or the most traditional of the tango show dinner venues, but Madero Tango is one of the most impressive and unforgettable.

Los bailarines y artistas responsables de "Magia!", el espectáculo de Madero Tango

“We feel that tango still lives. We don’t celebrate a bygone era of tango, but rather we tell a story from the birth of tango to its current form,” Gasparotto explains. “Tango continues to manifest itself, either in a classical or contemporary way such as electronic tango. You see that in our show.”

And Now, Some Tips

Take Advantage of the View

One of the best features of Madero Tango is its location. Get there early and enjoy a riverside stroll through the beautiful ​​Puerto Madero area before the show.

Lomo a la pimienta con papas gratinadas, servido en Madero Tango

Buy Online and Save

You get a 40 percent discount on your Madero Tango package every day by ordering it on their website.

Your Ride’s Here

If you visit Buenos Aires and stay at a hotel in the metropolitan area, your dinner show package includes transfer from your hotel to Madero Tango and vice versa.

Place Your Bets

If you like gambling, finish off your tango dinner night with a visit to the Buenos Aires Casino. Thanks to an agreement between both venues, each dinner show package includes a gift voucher to play the casino’s slot machines. Transfer from Madero Tango to the casino is included and will be available at the end of the show.

Have It Your Way

For an additional fee, you can order any of the dishes not included in your dinner show order. Also, Madero Tango offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, plus a kid’s menu.

Degustación de autor, muestra de postres para dos personas, servido en Madero Tango

Our Suggestions

We recommend the Beef and Potato Empanadas as an entree. The Pepper Beef Tenderloin with Potatoes au Gratin and the Roasted Patagonian Salmon with Pumpkin Purée are great for your main course. Finally, the Author’s Tasting Sampler lets couples try out and share five iconic desserts.

Where to Find It

Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo y Brasil, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 5239-3009

+54 11 6459-4500

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