Blow Up Experience: Inflatable Art for All Ages

Blow Up Experience Cueva | Blow Up Experience Cave

We live in an era full of immersive experiences for adults, but what is there for the little ones? Luckily, Blow Up Experience opens its doors to satisfy children and inflatable art lovers of all ages.

Dulce Aymará como Atlas | Dulce Aymará as Atlas

About Blow Up Experience

Emilio Gómez en Blow Up Experience | Emilio Gómez in Blow Up Experience

This inflatable art exhibition opened in November 2023 within the Frers Pavilion of La Rural, one of the main event venues in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The inspiration stems from similar exhibitions around the world such as the Balloon Museum and Bubble Planet.

As its name implies, the essential element at Blow Up Experience is air and everything that comes with it. The exhibition incorporates balloons, fabric, LED lights, mirrors, audio, compressed air, 3D projections and even augmented reality to transport visitors to magical worlds.

Piscina de bolas en Blow Up Experience | Blow Up Experience Ball Pit

Pic-Worthy Spaces

Cuarto de burbujas | Bubble Room

Explorable environments include reflective rooms filled with LED curtains, tree forests Dr. Seuss would approve of, “bubble” rooms, and virtual hot air balloon rides. The main areas are giant reinventions of two children’s classics: the ball pit and the bouncy castle.

Similar to other interactive experiences like those at AREA15, this one offers multiple photo opportunities to create eye-catching social media content. This particular exhibit stands out for allowing both adults and their young children to share together in a safe space where everyone is having fun.

Cortinas de LED en Blow Up Experience | LED Curtain at Blow Up Experience

The Creators

DG Experience, the company behind Blow Up Experience, produces live interactive entertainment within the South America region. In addition to organizing concerts for musical acts such as Guns n’ Roses and The Rolling Stones, DG Experience has adapted international exhibitions for Argentina such as Imagine Van Gogh.

Blow Up Experience became a hit in late 2023, with more than 100 thousand tickets sold. The experience will be extended until March 3 to take advantage of the summer vacation in the Southern Hemisphere. If you’re in Buenos Aires before then and are looking for an escape that awakens your inner child, we recommend a visit.

Get your tickets at the La Rural tickets site.