Bordeaux Museum Exhibit Shines a Light on Argentine Wine History

"Argentina, tierras de contrastes", exhibición sobre Argentina como región vinícola invitada en el museo Cité Du Vin de Burdeos, Francia (Foto: Fuente externa)

Argentina is recognized worldwide for its beef and wines. The Bordeaux Wine Museum, one of the most prestigious wine-related museums in the world, selected Argentina as Guest Wine Region for its newest temporary exhibit.

Between August 12 and November 17, the Cité Du Vin (City of Wine), located in Bordeaux, France will shine a light on the milestones that marked the history of wine in Argentina through an experience for all the senses.

The exhibit is presented in a dynamic, interactive and educational manner in an exhibition wing called Argentina, Lands of Contrasts. Events, tastings and workshops on the subject will take place for the three months this exhibit will remain open.

This exhibition was organized by the Argentina’s Tourism Bureau, with the support of the National Institute of Tourism Promotion of Argentina (INPROTUR).

Gustavo Santos, Argentina’s Secretary of Tourism, explained: “The presence of Argentina in the Bordeaux Wine Museum will contribute to position our wine tourism product in the world. We have a long wine tradition, which has developed in our country’s six wine regions.”

Learn about Argentina and its Wines

The Argentine official detailed how the room was designed with the idea of ​​transporting those who visit it through an immersive trip through Argentine territory. The objective is to show that Argentina has endless alternatives when it comes to making wine.

The concepts on which the tour focuses are: “The youth and history of Argentine viticulture;” “Different styles of wines that respond to our infinite geographical diversity;” “Architecture that respects the immensity of nature;” “The immigrant influence;” and “Two corners dedicated to our popular strains: Malbec, the legend and Torrontés, the queen of white wine.”

This initiative includes natural elements that enhance the features of each Argentine region and how they influence wines and their gastronomy, without neglecting cultural aspects.

The exhibit guides visitors on a journey that focuses on water purity, altitude, various types of soil, the imposing mountain, the eternal steppe, glaciers, the desert, the jungle, the sea and the Sun. In short, Argentina in all its splendor.

Santos invited travelers from France and the rest of the world “to tour our space in the Museum and live the Argentine experience.”

Where to Find It

Pontac Esplanade, 134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France

August 12-November 17