Visit Dominican beaches with free travel assistance insurance for COVID-19

República Dominicana, destino conocidos por playas como Cabarete, ofrece seguro gratuito de viaje ante el COVID-19 a quienes se hospeden en sus hoteles | Dominican Republic, known for beaches like Cabarete, will offer free travel insurance for COVID-19 related issues to travelers staying at their hotels

The world, in cautiously optimistic fashion, reopens its doors to tourism with health measures against coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. The Dominican Republic, one of the most popular Caribbean tropical destinations, now offers an incentive to bring tourists back to its beaches and landscapes: free travel assistance insurance.

This stunning promotion is part of a series of government measures to reactivate the nation’s tourism sector, with practical initiatives to attract tourists while keeping them healthy during their stay. Tourism represents one of the top industries for the Dominican economy. Every year the country attracts more local and foreign travelers to discover its natural wonders.

Travel to the Dominican Republic with free travel assistance insurance

All travelers staying in a hotel in the Dominican Republic during the last quarter of 2020 will receive temporary full-coverage travel assistance insurance during their stay, with COVID-19 coverage, at no additional cost. This free insurance plan will cover emergencies, telemedicine services, long-stay accommodation and flight change costs in the event of a coronavirus infection.

The free travel assistance insurance will be applied to all guests staying at Dominican hotels as of September 15. Coverage will be valid until December of the current year.

Tourism Recovery Plan

The free travel assistance insurance incentive is part of the Tourism Recovery Plan, an initiative from the Dominican Republic government in the face of COVID-19.

In addition to free travel assistance insurance, the plan eliminates the need for a prior negative COVID-19 test to enter the country. That requirement is superseded by quick, random COVID-19 tests at ports of entry.

Finally, the plan details new international certification health protocols, which will cover the entire tourism, restaurant and bar industries. Travelers are still required to use face masks at all indoor and outdoor public spaces within the country, as well to take social distancing measures.

Dominican President Luis Abinader approved the Tourism Recovery Plan as one of the first acts of his new administration. He had the support of both the Ministry of Tourism and the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES).

To plan your Dominican Republic trip and get the latest information on COVID-19 tourism measures, visit the country’s official tourism site.

(Photo: Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.)