Coco Bongo Show & Disco: A Full-On Assault on All Your Senses

La entrada al Coco Bongo Show & Disco

Ready for an out-of-the-ordinary nighttime experience? Then you deserve to visit Coco Bongo Show & Disco, located in Cancún and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, as well as its most recent venue in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Carnival Show at Coco Bongo Show & Disco

No words are enough to give a faithful description of the experience inside any Coco Bongo Show & Disco, but let us try, anyway. After getting your ticket you are taken to a multilevel amphitheater with a stage, dance floor and open bar (which is included). Between intervals of dance music and
audience interaction, you get different thematic presentations combining actors, dancers, acrobats, trapeze artists, harness work, makeup, costumes and video projections in an amazing sensory experience that gets renewed approximately every half hour.

The themes of each mini-show vary, but are all based on contemporary pop culture. They have tributes to musical superstars (Madonna, Queen, Michael Jackson, Guns N ‘Roses, Rihanna…), comic book characters (Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man…), feature films (The Matrix, TRON: Legacy…) and even famous video clips like Lady Marmalade from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. The sheer variety of short acts makes it possible to attend Coco Bongo Show & Disco more than once and not see them all.

The doors open at 10:00 pm and the fun continues until dawn. Attendees can also take a souvenir of their visit home from the Gift Shop at the exit. What’s that? You enjoyed Coco Bongo and didn’t get a commemorative shirt or glass? Well, you can do it through their online boutique.

The Inspiration Behind Coco Bongo Show & Disco

'TRON: Legacy' Tribute at Coco Bongo Show & Disco

It’s no coincidence that the name and inspiration behind Coco Bongo Show & Disco come from the nightclub mentioned in the 
Jim Carrey comedy The Mask. So obviously its colorful green protagonist is one of the main characters at the Disco, hanging out with the likes of Austin Powers and Beetlejuice.

Any shortcomings found in the Coco Bongo Show & Disco’s mini-shows (in terms of acting, for instance) is made up for by its high production values, as well as the charisma and physical agility of its cast. Your overall impact to Coco Bongo will vary according to your level of nostalgia for the stories and characters referenced within. However, we can assure without exaggerating that Coco Bongo Show & Disco’s choreography and stunts are worthy of Cirque du Soleil and other world-renowned shows.

Praises for Coco Bongo Show & Disco

Guns N' Roses Tribute at Coco Bongo Show & Disco

We aren’t the first to sing Coco Bongo Show & Disco’s praises. Gary Strauss of USA Today described the Cancún club experience, including Coco Bongo, as “Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day rolled into one.” Maribeth Mellín, travel correspondent for CNN, describes Coco Bongo as “irresistible” and among the best that Cancun offers in nightlife, with “high-energy, Vegas-style shows”. Coco Bongo Cancún ranks fifth on TripAdvisor’s Top Things to Do in Cancún. All three Coco Bongo Show & Disco locations have 4.5 stars on the tourist site and have been awarded with TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence.

In short, if you are looking for a fun place to have unique experiences with your couple or your friends, Coco Bongo Show & Disco is a must.

And Now, Some Tips

Bring a Friend

Although the Coco Bongo Show & Disco are frequented by singles ladies and single gents, this is not the best environment to cruise or look for love. We recommend you bring a couple or come in a group.

Fully Charged

If you want to enjoy all the mini-shows of the night, arrive early at Coco Bongo Show & Disco and plan to leave at dawn.

Prepare to Be Surrounded

Consider that all three locations get lots of visits all the time. Expect to stand for a long time among a large crowd (or do what you can to get one of the few tables available).

ALMOST All Ages Are Welcome

Coco Bongo Show & Disco does not allow entry to individuals under the legal drinking age of each country where it’s located, but there is no maximumage limit to enter. Many of the best crowd interactions we witnessed between mini-shows involved older couples that were young at heart.

Where to Find It


Kukulcan Blvd. Km 9½ #30, Plaza Forum By The Sea, Hotel Zone, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

+52 800 841 46 36

Playa del Carmen

Calle 12 Norte, at the corner of Ave. 10 Norte, Centro Colony, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

+52 800 841 46 36

Punta Cana

Downtown Punta Cana Shopping Center, Carretera Barceló (Verón) at the corrner of the Boulevard, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

+1 (809) 466-1111