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La firma Henley & Partners lanzó la versión más reciente de su Global Passport Index, listado de los mejores pasaportes del mundo (Foto: Freepik)

How many doors can your passport open for you? Henley & Partners, a London multinational specialized in citizenship and residency issues, launched its 2019 Global Passport Index, an annual ranking of the best passports in the world. Each year, the firm bases its list on the number of destinations that each country’s passport allows to visit without a visa.

The Asian nations of Japan and Singapore tied in first place of the most powerful passports in the world, with 190 authorized countries each. Germany, South Korea and Finland took second place with 188.

The key to the world

Every frequent traveler knows the importance of having a passport to visit destinations outside their country of residence. There are initiatives under development that could allow travel abroad without documentation while minimizing security risks. Until these are implemented, a passport is the top requirement for anyone who wishes to cross borders legally.

Also, an experienced tourist knows that in many cases their passport is not enough. Many nations require visas or other authorizations to cross their borders. Thanks to migratory agreements between nations, citizens of certain countries can travel to a large number of territories with just their passport.

What makes a passport good?

This annual Henley & Partners study reveals that the level of development or supremacy projected by a global power is not enough to make their passport better or worse than any other. Above all else, good relations between countries weighs as much or more in that regard. This explains how Japan and Singapore outperformed other great nations such as Belgium, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, England and Switzerland.

China, for its part, ties with Kenya in the 72nd spot of the most powerful passports with 71 countries. No Latin American nation occupied any of the top 10 spots. Chile’s passport, the most powerful in the region, shares thirteenth place with Poland (174 countries). Passports from, Argentina and Brazil, the next most powerful in Latin America, shared 17th place with Bulgaria (170 countries).

The 25 Best Passports in the World

These are the countries whose passports occupy the first eight positions of the Global Passport Index (with number of nations authorized for visa-free travel):

  • Japan (190)
  • Singapore (190)
  • Germany (188)
  • South Korea (188)
  • Finland (188)
  • Denmark (187)
  • Italy (187)
  • Luxembourg (187)
  • Spain(186)
  • France (186)
  • Sweden (186)
  • Austria (185)
  • Netherlands (185)
  • Portugal (185)
  • Belgium (184)
  • Canada (184)
  • United States (184)
  • Greece (184)
  • Ireland (184)
  • Norway(184)
  • Switzerland (184)
  • United Kingdom (184)
  • Malta (183)
  • Czech Republic (183)
  • New Zealand (182)

The 10 Least Powerful Passports in the World

Passports issued by the following nations have the fewest countries authorized for travel without a visa, according to the Index:

  • Nepal (38)
  • Libya (37)
  • Sudan (37)
  • Palestinian Territory (37)
  • Yemen (33)
  • Pakistan (31)
  • Somalia (31)
  • Syria (29)
  • Iraq (27)
  • Afghanistan (25)

About Henley & Partners and the Global Passport Index

The Global Passport Index collects the results obtained by the Henley & Partners research team, as well as exclusive data provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), to determine the best passports in the world.

Didn’t see your passport among the best or worst? Visit the official Global Passport Index website to download the full list or search for passports by country.