Monasterio de Boltaña: A “Baby Lovers” Hotel To Avoid Trips with Children from Becoming a Nightmare

Barceló Monasterio de Boltana, un hotel "Baby Lovers"

Every parent deserves a vacation, which is why “Baby Lovers” hotel category is now a thing.

Families know that setting up a family vacation is a full time job onto itself. Coordinating flights, off days, lodging, transportation and recreation activities is enough work to stress anyone. Add to that traveling with young children and the mission becomes nearly impossible.

Parents care about carrying everything they consider indispensable for the little ones. This includes medications, enough clothes and accessories, toys, and in many cases even special meals. For all these reasons they will be happy to know the “Baby Lovers” hotels, an excellent option for families with young children. What do they consist of and how much do they contribute to improving family vacations?

Barceló Monastery of Boltaña, a “Baby Lovers” Hotel Example

The “Baby Lovers” hotel concept calms the anxiety of parents traveling with young children. Few things are more rewarding for a parent than arriving at a hotel and feeling that their children are more than welcome there. Better yet when they discover the hotel carries everything they didn’t have time to pack, at their convenience.

El hotel Barcelo Monasterio de Boltana dispone de bicicletas para sus huéspedes (Foto: Barceló Hotels & Resorts)
The hotel rents bicycles to its guests. (Source: Barceló Hotels & Resorts.)

Barceló Hotels & Resorts’ Monasterio de Boltaña is a romantic and cozy luxury hotel, which also accepts babies and toddlers with open arms. María Bellosta, manager Barceló Monasterio de Boltaña, explains that “many parents arrive worried because they have forgotten the bottle warmers, because they don’t know how they will bathe their babies on their first family outing, or because they are afraid that their children will fall of the bed. That is why we have created the “Baby Lovers” package, which includes these three elements free of charge, and which also offers the possibility of family activities, something that everyone craves, such as accessing all together our wonderful spa overlooking the Ara River, or take bike tours through our heady mountain environment, for which we rent bicycles with baby carriers and even children’s bicycles with training wheels.”

Package Details

The tranquility of the mountains in Huesca, Spain is just one of the hotel’s benefits. “In addition to 96 rooms, the hotel has 40 villas that are ideal for families, because they are very spacious and gives them the possibility of having more freedom and privacy.” The facilities also include a playground, solarium terrace with swimming pool, snack bar, à la carte restaurant and more. This makes the emblematic Barceló Monaterio de Boltaña a true reference for family tourism, attracting families from all over the world with their facilities.

Barceló Monaterio de Boltaña’s “Baby Lovers” package can be requested when you arrive at the lobby. The package includes heated bottles, bathtubs and protective barriers for children’s beds, among other services. The hotel also offers bicycles with a baby carrier, kid bikes with training wheels and access to the family spa, all at an additional cost.

For more information and reservations visit the hotel’s official website.