Airline Unveils Hands-Free Lavatory Door

Jamco/All Nippon Airways: New hands-free lavatory door lock for airplanes | Nueva cerradura de puerta "manos libres" para lavatorio aéreo

When one door closes, another opens, if not we open one using our elbows. All Nippon Airways (ANA) became the world’s first airline to implement a new hands-free lavatory door system. Japan’s Jamco Corporation designed this door together with ANA, to make it manageable with somenone’s elbow, forearm or wrist. Its functionality responds to the health concerns over coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19.

About the Hands-Free Lavatory Door System

Jamco’s design features a handle and latch designed to open, close, lock and unlock the door without using fingers. This lock kit prevents transmission of germs, viruses and bacteria by touch, unlike regular latches that require holding.

ANA and Jamco unveiled their hands-free prototype to the public last August at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Passengers in transit got to test the locking system, with mostly positive results. This “market study” allowed ANA to implement hands-free lavatory doors in its air fleet.

Its advantages go far beyond hygiene. Jamco representatives assured that their handle and latch system can be installed on existing lavatory doors with minimal investment. Good news for those who must travel during the ongoing pandemic. Even better still to protect the health and hygiene of future travelers. Here’s hoping other airlines implement this, as well as many other health and safety innovations, on their flights.

(Image: Jamco Corporation.)