Pick Your Next Destination with Airbnb’s Top 20 for 2020

Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cabo Cañaveral, Florida; y Xi'an, China son tres de los Top 20 destinos tendencia para 2020, basado en las reservas registradas en su plataforma de viajeros (Fotos: Airbnb)

Airbnb revealed their top 20 trending destinations for next year. The city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, United States heads Airbnb’s Top 20 for 2020 list; followed by Bilbao in Spain; Buriram in Thailand; Sunbury in Victoria, Australia and Romania. If you don’t know these destinations, next year is the best time to travel and explore them.

This data is provided by Airbnb, a recognized company dedicated to tourist accommodation worldwide, based on reservations already registered on its platform by travelers who are planning their 2020 vacations.

According to these figures, next year’s trend is to visit lesser known tourist destinations. In addition to the selection of cities and countries focused on the environment, which offer eco-friendly options to their visitors.

Bilbao, España, número dos en el listado Top 20 2020 de Airbnb (Foto: Airbnb)
Bilbao, Spain, number two on Airbnb’s Top 20 for 2020 list. (Source: Airbnb.)

Sustainable Tourism

There are many travelers who already prefer sustainable tourism when traveling. This is why many emerging destinations are currently benefiting from the growing popularity of this type of conscious tourists. Places offering everything from eco-friendly facilities to activities that promote the preservation of surrounding areas.

We have previously covered companies committed to sustainable tourism such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, an airline that urges its passengers to be more sensible in their transport decisions, in favor of the environment. We also highlighted the environmental initiatives of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort; the InterContinental Hotels Group’s decision to get rid of disposable containers from their bathrooms; and Iberostar Group’s actions to preserve marine life.

Kerala, India, número 18 en el listado Top 20 2020 de Airbnb (Foto: Airbnb)
Kerala, India, number 18 on the list. (Source: Airbnb.)

Other Reasons to Stand Out

In 2020, not only do destinations that promote sustainable tourism stand out, but also places that will host events of global relevance, such as the Mars Exploration Program, which will be launched from Cape Canaveral next year, or multiple surfing competitions to be held in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Ubatuba, Brasil, número 15 en el listado Top 20 2020 de Airbnb (Foto: Airbnb)
Ubatuba, Brazil, number 15 on the list. (Source: Airbnb.)

Airbnb Top 20 Trending Destinations for 2020

This is the list provided by the Airbnb platform, according to customer reservations for 2020. Airbnb’s Top 20 trending destinations are:

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
  2. Bilbao, Spain
  3. Buriram, Thailand
  4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
  5. Romania
  6. Xi’an, China
  7. Eugene, Oregon, United States
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Guadalajara, Mexico
  10. Vanuatu
  11. Cali, Colombia
  12. Cape Cañaveral, Florida, United States
  13. Aberdeen, Scotland
  14. Courtenay, Canada
  15. Ubatuba, Brazil
  16. Les Contamines-Montjoie, France
  17. Tokyo, Japan
  18. Kerala, India
  19. Malindi, Kenya
  20. Maastricht, Netherlands

Find more information about these destinations at the official Airbnb website.